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Gayle Mullett

Gayle Mullett

Registered Chiropractor

Hon. B.Sc, D.C.

Dr Gayle Mullett graduated from McMaster University in 1983 studying Anatomy and Biology. She is board certified with the National Board of Chiropractic since 1987. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Camhaude in 1987.

She is proud to say her classmate and friend was the famous Dr.Ho as seen on T.V. They both studied with Dr. Bonyun who created a leg length technique to determine the sequence and order of adjustments.

She has found this technique effective in correcting postural imbalances and leg length deficiencies. Look in the mirror and check for postural imbalances where one shoulder or hip is higher or lower. 

Dr. Mullett sees chiropractic corrections like an alignment for the body being as important as alignment for our cars.

She looks forward to helping you.   

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