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The importance of Chiropractic Care

How Chiropractic Adjustments Treat Pain

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Bang discusses how chiropractic adjustments treat pain.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic treatments help treat and alleviate the painful symptoms from the following conditions

  • Improves joint mobility, function and health.
  • Decreases degeneration of the joint and connective tissues.
  • Decreases the on-­-going inflammatory process associated with the subluxation.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Speeds up the recovery process.
  • Improves nerve
  •  system function and the individual nerve’s ability to carry nerve impulses more efficiently
  • Improves a person’s disposition.
  • Calms a hyperactive mind and energizes a depressed mind.
  • Increases energy, vitality and improves sleep.
  • Relieves/Improves Prenatal Discomfort
  • Decreases length of labor and associated back pain.
  • Decreases the adverse effects of stress.
  • Improves athletic performance.
  • Prevention ability for sickness, disease and pain.
  • Improves overall health and wellness for infants and children.
  • Improves cognitive ability.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves individual organ system function (heart, lung, sinuses, digestive, etc).

What is Chiropractic Care & What do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractic is a discipline that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, especially manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues, but may also include exercises and health and lifestyle counseling. Chiropractors are well-known for their adjustment techniques, however, that is not the only thing they are trained to do. Other techniques include myofascial release, post-isometric relaxation stretches, cranial manipulation, and patient counselling and education, as described by Dr. Andrew Bang in the video above.

Chiropractic Care At Meridian Massage & Rehab Centre

Our Chiropratic Doctor's treatment and technique vary by patient and condition. Dr. Gayle Mullett is experienced with our multi-tiered approach to treating injury-related pain and illness. A combination of hands-on techniques including spinal manipulation, soft tissue release and modalities are implemented to help assist with pain and discomfort and help improve musculoskeletal mechanics. We provide you with the highest level of care at Meridian Massage & Physiotherapy. Check out our chiropractic services and book an appointment to get the proper treatment you need today.

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